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Everlife v1.4 Patch Notes

This update is BIG and 100% free! Please read the below notes carefully, as there are important changes here:

  • Tap the new briefcase icon in the bottom menu to see the new career menu, where you can:

    • View your current job title and rank.

    • View your current skills and skill ranks.

    • View all currently unlocked careers.

    • Switch careers any time.

    • Quit or retire any time.

  • You no longer have to choose a job upon reaching adulthood. You can remain unemployed forever, if that’s what you want!

  • You’re no longer forced to retire upon reaching old age. Instead, the “Quit Your Job” button will become “Retire from Job” and you can do so at any time.

    • New scenarios for elders who haven’t retired yet.

  • Job promotion opportunities now occur every few years and are no longer tied to character age. This way, you can quit your job at age 50 and start a new career without getting all four promotion opportunities in a row.

  • Added 2 new skills: Writing and Fitness. A LOT more to come in the future.

  • Each skill has three ranks: Novice -> Adept -> Master

  • Five (of ten) of the current career paths are now unlocked by reaching the Adept rank (level 2 of 3) of a specific skill. Some college majors increase skills.

    • For example: you want your character to work in the Culinary career. They can attend Culinary School to raise their Cooking skill, or they can learn the skill on their own. If they reach the Adept rank of the Cooking skill on their own, they won’t need to attend college at all to unlock the Culinary career track.

  • Skills are now learned and improved organically from card scenarios, school clubs…etc.

  • There is no limit to how many skills a character can learn.

  • Skills have been moved from the Profile menu to the Career menu.

  • Added 3 new sports teams and changed up some of the club options.

  • Some school clubs will give you the opportunity to learn or improve skills, while others provide stat boosts. Every club provides some kind of bonus.

  • Each school club now has a proper response/consequence card, in addition to the trait reaction cards.

  • A lazy character, for example, will still be unhappy joining a sports team, so choose your clubs wisely!

  • Life Goals and Milestones buttons have been moved from the bottom menu bar to the top of the Profile page.

  • Overhauled college major selection menu to make it more clear which jobs and skills each major unlocks.

  • All Life Goals are now active, rather than just 3 at a time.

  • Two new Life Goals.

  • Under your tombstone, you’ll now see a total of EXP earned in that life .

  • Elders in retirement homes can no longer become homeless.

  • Successful tooth fairy visit now awards a bit of Wealth.

  • Luxury rehab will be denied if you can’t afford it.

  • Increased lifespan for those with the “Longevity Leap” perk.

  • Improved scrolling on all menu pages.

  • Improved heart particle FX colors for date/prom invitations.

  • Improved logic, writing, and tuning for several cards.

  • Dating UI should properly disappear now when dating is over.

  • Wellness Retreat invitation (from Perk) will now only spawn during adulthood.

  • Emergency Treatment Program now shows correct text.

  • Fixed incorrect partner pronouns when gay male spouse asks to have a third child.

  • Adjusted menu backgrounds to better fit iPad version.

  • Improved spacing for Household menu.

  • Divorce via midlife crisis now properly changes relationship status on Profile.

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