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Everlife v1.2 Patch Notes


The stat system has been expanded. It is now more forgiving, more flexible, and more reactive.

  • Physical is now the ONLY stat that can directly kill you.

  • If you hit zero Mental, instead of dying, your character will have a mental breakdown.

    • 24 new “mental breakdown” cards.

  • If you hit zero Wealth, instead of dying, your character will be evicted from their home.

    • 24 new “homeless” cards.

  • If you hit zero Family, your family will still cut you off, but there are now opportunities to fix things.

  • Base starting values for Mental, Physical and Wealth stats reduced from 65 to 50.

  • Updated tutorial to reflect these changes.


The parent/backstory system has been revamped. Cards you get from birth to adulthood will more accurately reflect the type of parents you have.

  • 20 new and revamped cards for infants that better reflect your parent type.

    • You will now get 3 cards as an infant instead of two.

  • 12 new cards for toddlers and children with bad parents.

  • Many existing cards involving parental reactions were updated with different outcomes depending on parent type. For example, if you have a nightmare as a child and choose to wake up your parents, the outcome will be negative if you have bad/neglectful parents.

  • Reduced impact of backstory cards + infant cards on stats.

  • 15 new cards for college.

  • 24 new cards and evolution opportunities for all four skills.

    • Additional skills are coming soon!

  • New Life Goal:

    • Flying Private

  • Retirement age raised from 65 to 70.

  • Countdown timer for pop quizzes and driver’s exam cards increased by 2 seconds.

  • After purchasing a Deck, the Deck info will remain visible on that product page.

    • Also, some new sound + particle FX when purchasing Decks.

  • Fixed bug that caused your firstborn adopted child to not appear on the Household tab.

  • When dying hair after going gray, the blonde option now properly sets hair color to blonde.

  • The Debauchery + Nip and Tuck Life Goals can now be completed via a Midlife Crisis.

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