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Everlife v1.1.1 Patch Notes


- Added 15 new cards for the retirement/old age phase of life. Many, many more free content updates are coming!

- Resurrection is now available ONCE per life for 500 EXP.


- “More Info” button on main menu has been changed to “What’s New?”. This page now lists content that was recently added to the game.

- The Settings page on the main menu now matches the other Settings page, and contains links to Bugs, Updates and the Roadmap, instead of on the “More Info” page.

- Removed the “Restore Purchases” button from both Settings menus, as they weren’t functioning properly. Now, to restore a purchase, visit the info page for that Deck and tap the “Restore Purchase” button at the bottom.

- Volume slider handles are now easier to select.


- “Restore Purchase” buttons should now function properly.

- Fixed a bug with the text not showing properly for one of the toddler.

- Fixed a bug with Culinary School.

Be sure to join our new Discord for the latest info and updates.

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