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Everlife v1.0.6 Patch Notes


- Need a change? The Profile page has a brand-new “Career” section that includes a button that will allow you to quit your job.

- You now have three chances to take your driver’s test. If you fail three times, you won’t get your license!

- You are now unable to purchase a car without a driver’s license. You are still able to buy a bus pass, bike, scooter or motorcycle.

- New particle FX when stats increase and decrease.

- New link to our new Discord with our other socials on the Updates page in the main menu.

- I removed two Life Goals for the time being: Footloose Felon and Convict. They both relate to the crime/prison system, which isn’t in the game (yet).


- Sexuality preferences now work as intended.

- Fixed a bug with one of the result cards for the filmmaking skill.

- You should no longer get cards related to home ownership after you have moved into a retirement home.

- Parent deaths are temporarily disabled until I can get to the bottom of a game-breaking glitch that can occur when both parents die.

- Updated/fixed language for several cards.

The first few days of Everlife have been an incredible success, and I can’t wait to continue improving and expanding the game. Be sure to join our new Discord for the latest info and updates.

Thank you all for your support!

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