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Everlife v1.0.1 Patch Notes

  • New Milestones menu available during gameplay. Track your progress as you move through life’s major moments and monumental firsts.

  • Reworked Life Goals to be more focused on challenging, long-term achievements rather than smaller goals like “Have a Baby” or “Graduate from College” (which are now Milestones).

  • Life Goal reward EXP doubled.


Culinary School, Degree, and Career
  • Developing the Cooking Skill unlocks Culinary School.

  • Graduation from Culinary School increases Cooking Skill by one rank.

  • New Culinary Arts major and degree.

  • The Culinary career is now available to those with Rank 2 Cooking Skill (or higher) and/or a Culinary School degree.

​Main Menu Changes
  • “Connect” button on main menu changed to “Updates” and now includes social media links, patch notes, bug reports, and a development roadmap.

  • Removed redundant bottom navigation menu from main menu.

  • Increased height of all buttons to fill screen.

  • Disabled ability to swipe in the main menu.

​Misc. Changes:

  • Updated stat bar idle, increase, and decrease animations.

  • New “Puberty” Condition. I plan on adding more depth to this system in the future.

  • Added several new cards.

  • Minor bug fixes.

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