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Everlife 3.8 Patch Notes


  • New event type for adults: Drama

  • Drama events occur at the beginning of the year

  • The probability of a Drama event occurring each year can be tuned between 10% (green face) and 50% (red face) in the Settings menu

  • Drama events have 5-10 text variations each, as well as multiple outcomes

  • You’ll deal with…

    • Cheating partners

    • Opportunities to cheat on your partner

    • Shocking break ups

    • Natural disasters like floods, tornados, and earthquakes

    • Surprise proposals

    • Random pregnancies

    • Economic booms and recessions

    • Home invasions

    • Heart attacks and strokes


  • Children and siblings can now die

  • Driver’s license test is attempted after turning 16

  • Move out of your childhood home after turning 18


  • The action menu navigation has been reworked in response to player feedback

  • New “Staff & Services” category in Decisions menu

  • If you don’t want to level up your mechanics skill, you can now hire a contractor to improve your home condition or a mechanic to improve your vehicle condition

  • Fame & Fortune staff (butler, assistant, trainer and chef) are now located in the Staff & Services category


  • Your childhood home will now be an apartment if your hometown is urban

  • Female characters can now have no accessories

  • You’ll now receive a warning when your home or vehicle condition falls under 15%

  • Social media career scenarios are now properly integrated with the follower system


  • Fixed bug that could lock players out of adult options

  • Fixed bug that caused female dating options to all look the same

  • Fixed bug that allowed you to hire butler, chef, trainer and assistant more than once

  • Post to Everfeed outcome cards now display follower count without decimals

  • Hang out outcomes for your children will now properly display the child’s name

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