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Everlife 3.7 Patch Notes


  • Character interactions and actions dependent on skills are now considered activities

  • Each year, you’ll select one activity, one decision (optional), and one skill to train

  • Skill training actions now indicate which skill will be leveled up

  • The “Hire agent” decision has been removed, and the six Fame & Fortune careers are now mixed with the base game career menu

  • The “Move towns” and “Buy real estate” decisions have been merged. You will now choose whether you want to move to a new town or just a new home.

  • Decisions have been sorted into categories


  • Asexuality and bisexuality have been added to the game

  • When choosing the “Find love” decision, you may now choose the desired age range of your matches

  • New “Declare sexuality” decision if you’d like to change your sexuality later on


  • Female characters now can mix and match details: skin details (rosy cheeks, beauty marks, freckles) and accessories (earrings and flowers in hair)

  • Improved female child hairstyle

  • New hairstyles for adults

  • Hair graying is more natural and depends on original hair color

  • Rosy cheeks, beauty marks, freckles now appear on children

  • Updated and streamlined code to improve performance and loading times


  • There are now 15 different prom outcomes instead of just 3

  • Your current town is now shown next to your current home on your Profile rather than at the top


  • Fixed bugged backstory menu

  • Fixed looping interactions bug

  • Fixed bug with “Skip this year” button

  • Fixed bug that caused “Refresh your brand” activity to appear for players without a lifestyle brand

  • Fixed bank loan cards with missing loan values

  • Fixed bug that caused vacation homes to overwrite your main home

  • Many other minor tweaks, fixes and improvements

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