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Everlife 3.6 Patch Notes

Everlife 3.6 Patch Notes

NOTE: Start a new life after updating your game to avoid compatibility issues.


  • In response to player feedback, the Action Menu has been expanded yet again! You may now choose FOUR actions per year:

  • 1 Interaction

  • 1 Skill-based Action

  • 1 Activity

  • 1 Decision

  • This new setup allows for more freedom and flexibility, while still maintaining the challenge of choosing only one action per category each year.


  • Interactions have been added for siblings, children and pets!

  • Since interactions have become an integral part of the core gameplay loop, more characters will be added in the future.

  • The outcomes of many interactions with your children are determined by your parenting skill. However, even “unsuccessful” interactions with your children have a 50% of improving your skill as a parent, so don’t give up!


  • Need cash? Use the new “Take out loan” Decision to borrow from the bank.

  • Choose from 5 loan packages, ranging from +5 to +50 Wealth.

  • Loan repayment (plus 30% interest!) is due in 15 years. You can repay your loan early via the “Repay loan” Decision.


  • Tuition is 10 Wealth, 15 Wealth, or 25 Wealth, depending on the college. Tuition is now listed when you select a college.

  • You won’t have to pay college tuition if you are eligible for a scholarship (A or A+ final grade) or your family covers your costs (green Family stat), but you also won’t gain any Wealth in these cases anymore.


  • Milestones are now Memories! Milestones were too rigid and didn’t always function correctly. Now, Memories are automatically logged during important life events.

  • Head to the new Memories app for a chronological view of your life experiences so far.

  • All Milestones have been converted to Memories, and there are dozens of completely new Memories as well.


  • Exotic pets (Fame & Fortune) now have a realistic lifespan and will eventually pass away.

  • New, more detailed icons for all towns.

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