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Everlife 3.5 Patch Notes

The Fame & Fortune Expansion Pack has arrived! Heartfelt thanks to our amazing community—your support is the magic behind our innovation and dedication. Brace yourselves to conquer new skills, manage your ascent to stardom, enjoy the trappings of wealth, and explore exciting new towns and careers. Your celebrity fantasy awaits!

Move to New Towns

  • Cinema City is a new urban town inspired by Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles.

  • Vista Verdé is a new suburban town inspired by Hollywood Hills and Beverly Hills.

  • Both of the new towns offer unique opportunities to boost the new Fame stat.

Join New Careers and Improve New Skills

  • Call your agent to embark on six new career paths: Acting, Comedy, Fashion, Modeling, Pro Sports and Singing.

  • New skills: Acting, Singing, Comedy, and Style.

  • The Singing and Pro Sports careers allow you to choose your music genre and sport, respectively.

Manage your Fame

  • Hire an agent to access six new career paths.

  • Unlock the Fame stat by hiring an agent, maxing out your Social stat, or progressing in a Fame-related career.

  • Fame increases with successful career milestones and Fame-related activities, events, and scenarios, and decreases with scandals or poorly received work. Start as a nobody and rise to superstardom!

  • All six of the new careers unlock and increase Fame, as well as these base game careers: Culinary, Film, Politics, Pro Gamer, Social Media and Writing.

  • Fake a romance, engage in a high-profile celebrity feud, have a public meltdown, write an autobiography, give a TV interview, or leak a scandal in your attempt to gain attention. But be warned: publicity stunts are risky and can hurt as much they can help.

Enjoy your Wealth

  • Hire a butler, personal assistant, personal trainer or personal chef.

  • Adopt exotic pets. Eight new species ranging from mini pigs to sharks.

  • Buy a mountain or beach home. Visit your vacation homes for unique bonuses.

  • Buy and fly your own helicopter or private jet. Explore new places, but beware of unexpected dangers.

Launch a Lifestyle Brand

  • Create a custom lifestyle brand! Choose your product type, gimmick, and marketing budget.

  • Your annual revenue dynamically fluctuates depending on your product, gimmick, marketing budget, product age, market volatility, and your Fame stat.

  • Refresh your brand periodically to keep business (and revenue) flowing.

Base Game Changes

  • The Activities Menu has been combined with the Decisions Menu to reduce repetition. You must choose an Activity to proceed. You may also choose a Decision as well, but Decisions are optional.

  • A Game Guide can now be found in the Settings menu.

  • Colleges are no longer locked by grade. Your final grade determines the chance of your application being accepted.

  • Bug fixes.

  • UI improvements.

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Mar 28

The modeling, comedy and acting careers do not work, whenever i try to apply for it, it makes me start in the writing career instead. Not to mention the fact that everytime i want to make a decision, i have to choose an activity as well. Also, please release the sibling interactions!


Mar 27

the update hasn’t arrived for me yet, my timezone is CET.

Mar 27
Replying to

Updates can take several hours to populate in the App Store. Check again later today!


Mar 27

can i have some help purchasing the fame and fortune deck? i'm pressing upgrade many times but isn't doing anything, what do i do?

Mar 27
Replying to

thanks for helping! i'll see if it works soon!

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