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Everlife 3.3 Patch Notes


  • Careers are now much more accessible. Starting a job now requires a level 1 skill instead of level 2, and careers only require a level 2 skill instead of level 5.

  • While getting hired is easier, getting promoted is more difficult. You’ll only be promoted if your Work Performance meter is high AND you meet the skill level requirement for the next rank.

  • Use the new Career app to track your career progress, promotion requirements and Work Performance.

  • Work-related scenarios that previously granted promotions now raise your Work Performance meter and level up your skills instead. If you pick the incorrect option, your Work Performance will go down and you will not level up a skill.

  • Promotions no longer level up skills.


  • Known skills are now listed first.


  • Tap the new question mark icon to learn more about specific game mechanics.

  • Added to Careers, Stats, and Skills pages, with more to come in the future!


  • Character customization is now available to all players. Backstory editing is still exclusive to the Deluxe Deck.

  • The Graveyard is now accessible from the Settings menu rather than the Cellphone menu.

  • New Life Goal: Supermaxed.


  • Characters will now automatically graduate from college after 4 years.

  • Gift menu will now respawn each time the gift action is used.

  • Fixed “care for children” bug.

  • Fixed blank action menu bug.

  • Health will drain faster at age 90+, so you won’t be able to live forever by spamming the “Take a Walk” action.

  • Fixed bug that caused non-dating related cards to appear, interrupting the dating mini-game.

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