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Everlife 3.2 Patch Notes


  • The Mental and Wealth stats are no longer fatal.

  • If your Wealth falls to 0, you’ll be forced to declare bankruptcy.

  • If your Mental falls to 0, you’ll experience a mental breakdown.


  • A new consequence for running out of money. You will lose your current home and vehicle, and must then move into the slums (urban) or trailer park (suburban or rural).

  • Bankruptcy won’t occur until you reach adulthood, but there are other consequences for low/zero Wealth for children and teens.


  • 40 new mental breakdown outcomes.

  • Breakdowns are now scenario-based. You can choose which behavior you’d like to do to improve your mental health and “complete” the breakdown.

  • Breakdowns now have two phases:

  • In the first phase, still deep in psychosis, you have to do something based on a hallucination or delusion.

  • In the second phase, you have to do something self-destructive.

  • Breakdowns won’t occur until you reach adulthood, but there are other consequences for low/zero Mental for children and teens.

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