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Everlife 3.1 Patch Notes

NOTE: Please start a new life after updating the game to avoid compatibility issues.


  • Use the new “Find your match” action to swipe through potential love interests. Read their profile and swipe right to start dating, or left to keep looking.

  • All scenarios in the dating mini-game now have outcomes.

  • If a first date goes awry, you can ask for a second chance.

  • Use the new “Buy a gift” action to improve your relationship. The nicer the gift, the higher the relationship boost!


  • 36 new traits for love interests/romantic partners. There are two types: personality traits and toxic traits.

  • You will discover their “personality trait” as you get to know them during the dating mini-game. You will get unique cards throughout your relationship depending on your partner’s personality trait.

  • Your partner’s “toxic trait” will only be revealed after beginning a relationship. If your Love stat is red, it will unlock your partner’s toxic trait and you will face new consequences whenever the Love stat is low.

  • Love interests now come with their own financial background. After your first date, you’ll find out if the person you’re dating is broke, lower class, middle class, upper middle class, or upper class. If you marry them, you will gain wealth depending on their economic class.


  • You can now choose from 16 unique wedding venues.

  • Negative wedding events are more likely to occur at cheaper venues.

  • Positive wedding bonuses are bigger at more expensive venues.

  • You can choose whether or not to sign a prenuptial agreement. Signing one may damage your relationship, but not signing one means you’ll have to give away 50% of your Wealth if you ever get divorced.


  • New “Take online course” action that allows you to spend 10 wealth to develop any skill.


  • Home and vehicle condition has been restored.

  • You may now own one home and one vehicle at a time.

  • Home and vehicle sale price are now dependent on your home or vehicle condition. Fix up your home or vehicle before trying to sell it to get the most bang for your buck!

  • If your home or vehicle condition falls to zero, it will be condemned.


  • For added realism, apartments will only be available to those who live in urban towns, while homes are only available to those who live in suburban or rural towns.

  • The Profile app now lists your current home and vehicle, so the Inventory app has been removed.

  • Homelessness has been removed from the game.

  • The lowest level home and apartment are now free, but living there will trigger repeating negative consequences until you move out.


  • “Bad” parents have been removed due to popular request. You can still be born rich or poor, but your relationship with your parents is now solely dependent on the Family stat, rather than luck.

  • New cards for babies.


  • The college selection menu has been integrated with the action selection menu. Now you can explore available college programs without using up a year/action.

  • New “warning” animation when your Mental, Physical and Wealth stats are lethally low.

  • UI spacing, appearance and consistency improvements.


  • Fixed the “mother is upset you played outside and got a cold” bug that appeared during adulthood.

  • Fixed bug with elder “take a walk” action.

  • New partners + love interests should now look different than your previous partner or love interest.

  • Fixed many bugs with relationships, including divorce loops and issues with the dating mini-game.

  • Fixed a bug that caused a loop when choosing to “skip rush week” in college.

  • Fixed bug that caused new partners to die immediately if a previous partner had died.

  • Fixed bug that caused talents to show the incorrect skill names.

  • Fixed bug that caused traits chosen with the Intelligent Design perk to not appear on Profile page.

  • Fixed incorrect ring names when selecting an engagement ring.

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