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Everlife 3.0 Patch Notes


  • Each year of life now includes one random scenario followed by one “action”. After each scenario outcome, you’ll be presented with a new menu featuring a wide variety of activities and choices that can affect your life in various ways.

  • Relationship tanking? See a couple’s therapist! Feeling lonely? Go clubbing! Want to improve your health? Go to the gym! Want to expand your family? Try for a baby!

  • Most action outcomes are influenced by skills. For example, a higher fitness skill will increase your chances of success when running a marathon.

  • There are over 50 actions for adults alone. Babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, college students, elders, and the homeless each have their own unique actions as well.


  • You will now DIE if your wealth or mental stats hit 0, as well as physical.

  • There are plenty of new actions to help manage your mental, physical and wealth stats.

  • Consequences like mental breakdowns now trigger when your stats are in the red.


  • Performance improvements.

  • Reduced battery drain.

  • Tons of bug fixes.

  • You can now access the roadmap and the latest patch notes via the main menu.

  • You can now tap on traits, conditions, and degrees on the profile app to view their descriptions.

  • New animation when a year passes.

  • Tap your avatar at any time to customize your hairstyle and facial hair.


  • The cellphone menu has been reworked. It is now informative rather than action-oriented. Life changes, like moving and retirement, are now done via in-game action menus.

  • Removed home, health, careers, education, and travel apps, as those features are now integrated with the new action system.

  • The profile app is back. View all the most important info in one place.


  • Skills now have 10 ranks instead of just 4.

  • Skill points have been removed from the game. Skill growth is now organic. Scenarios, actions, school clubs, college majors, and job promotions will now increase your skill rank.

  • Skill level will influence the outcome of many actions. Skill level = chance of positive outcome.

  • New “wellness” skill, life goal, school club, and actions.

  • 15 new recipes you can attempt to make. The higher your cooking skill, the higher your chance of success!

  • Host a podcast, make a movie, or write a novel…then see if it’s a hit (or flop).

  • Social media system has been expanded. Choose from 8 unique actions and watch your follower count dynamically rise and fall.

  • Revamped skill UI.


  • Colleges have been re-branded. Community College is now called Horizon College, and offers a 4-year program with access to all majors. The State College is now called Shoreline State, and the Ivy League school is now called Hawthorn University.

  • Since skill points were removed, college majors now directly increase your skills. Horizon College awards 2 levels, Shoreline State awards 3 levels, and Hawthorn University awards 4 levels.

  • Valedictorians will now receive a scholarship for college and will no longer need to take out a loan.


  • The trait system has been rebuilt from the ground up, and the original 8 traits have been replaced with 19 new ones.

  • Traits will now dynamically develop based on your choices and patterns. For example, the Creative trait is earned by performing lots of creative actions, like Host a Podcast, Write a Book or Produce a Film. If you choose to focus on career-related actions, you may develop the Workaholic trait. Your personality will slowly and naturally emerge throughout your life.

  • You may now have up to six traits at once.


  • Conditions now have “symptoms”, negative pop-ups that appear every few years.

  • Conditions now have 2 unique scenarios each.

  • You may now have up to six conditions at once.


  • You can now buy and sell real estate via a new “Manage real estate” action.

  • You can view your properties (and vehicles) in the new Inventory app.

  • Homelessness is no longer tied to Wealth and is no longer a consequence of reaching zero Wealth. Adult characters without any properties will become homeless until they own at least one property.

  • When you reach adulthood, you’ll be kicked out of your childhood home and will have the opportunity to buy a house or apartment.

  • Each property will have a “condition” value that degrades over time. Use the “Fix up house” action to increase the condition of your properties. If the condition of a property falls to zero, it will be permanently destroyed.

  • Moving to a new town now requires you to sell your existing properties first. Selling properties, selecting a new town, and buying new properties there is all done in one action.


  • The new “Dump partner” action allows you to ghost your partner or dump them face-to-face. Outcomes depend on relationship strength.


  • The “Serenity Seeker” Perk now unlocks the “Spa day” action instead of wellness retreats.

  • The “Head Start” Perk is now called “Talented” and unlocks the ability to be born with a talent, which gives you a 3-rank head start in a random skill. It’s up to you whether you want to nurture or ignore your talent!

  • The “Asset Architect” Perk now unlocks the “Invest” action.

  • You’ll now get one lucky event and one Inner Circle event per life.


  • Vehicles are now available to ALL players.

  • New scenarios for vehicles.

  • You may now purchase multiple vehicles.

  • Each vehicle will have a “condition” value that degrades over time. Use the “Fix up vehicle” action to increase the condition of your vehicles. If the condition of a vehicle falls to zero, it will be permanently destroyed.

  • Vehicle condition decays faster than property condition, but vehicle repair is more efficient than property repair.


  • You no longer have to move to a retirement home. There’s a new action for that, if/when you’re ready, but you can live independently for as long as you wish.


  • New cards for zodiac signs. The signs now correctly correspond to their birth month.

  • Sexuality system has been simplified to reduce bugs. You will now choose whether your character is attracted to men or women.

  • Skin + hair colors have been simplified to reduce bugs. Genetics finally work as intended! Thank you all for your patience on this one.

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