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Everlife 3.0.2 Patch Notes


  • Integrated the job selection menu with the action menu. Now you can look at available jobs and return to the action menu without using up an action or leaving your current job. However, tapping on a job will overwrite an existing job, if you have one.

  • Fixed bug with selling properties when retiring.

  • Temporarily removed vehicle and real estate condition decay, as it was causing issues later in the game. I’ll flesh out the decay system a bit more, fix some bugs and re-release the feature in 3.1.

  • Traits are now easier to earn.

  • Fixed female children appearing as men.

  • Lowered skill level requirement for all jobs from level 3 to 2.

  • Fixed bug that caused elders to get college-related action outcomes instead of elder outcomes.

  • “Try for baby” action pregnancy chance increased from 33% to 50%.

  • Corrected some zodiac cards with the wrong zodiac icon.

  • Increased physical health drain upon reaching old age for more realistic lifespans. Reaching very old age (100+) should be rare, as it is in real life.

  • Fixed bug that locked rehab despite having enough wealth.

  • Fixed several actions that spawned incorrect outcomes (college actions, elder actions, throw a party action…etc.)

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