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Everlife 2.0 Patch Notes

In this update, we've reimagined core gameplay systems, infused a wealth of new content, and unlocked unparalleled player autonomy!

Please take a close look at the below changes:

Miscellaneous Additions

  • 200+ new cards.

  • 19 new Life Goals.

  • 3 new Perks.

  • Many new scenarios for parents.

  • New puberty-related cards: braces, voice cracking, mood swings, and more.

  • New outcomes have been added that depend on what kind of parents you have.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Many cards with excessively long text were condensed or rewritten.

  • Podcast scenario is now about listening to a podcast. If you develop the Media Skill, you can start your own podcast.

  • Reflections after losing a parent will now accurately reflect your current age and the type of parents you had (nurturing or neglectful).

  • Unmarried partners can now randomly pass away.

  • 20 new options for the “backup card” that you get if all other game content has been exhausted.

Randomized Outcomes for Scenarios

  • By popular request, many existing cards throughout the early years of life have been upgraded with randomized outcomes. For example, if you choose to pet the dog in the park as a toddler, it may go well, or the dog could bark at you.

  • Even more of the existing cards will be upgraded with randomized outcomes in future free updates!

Menu Changes

  • The cellphone icon in the bottom navigation bar will direct you to the brand-new Cellphone menu, which contains 11 “apps” that will allow you to access previous menu pages (perks, careers, family…etc.) as well as new ones (skills, education, travel…etc.)

  • New apps will be added to your phone as the game expands (EX: a dating app)

Condition Changes

  • Your current Conditions are viewable in the new Health app.

  • You are no longer limited to three Conditions at once.

  • Addiction system has been expanded. Trying an addictive substance (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or pills) once will no longer trigger an addiction. Instead, you’ll receive new opportunities to try that substance again, which will then lead to an addiction.

  • After visiting rehab for an addiction, you can now relapse if you decide to use the substance again.

Random Start Changes

  • The “Random” start is now truly random. Choosing this option will automatically generate character with a random name, gender and appearance.

  • You can still choose your name, gender and pronouns in the character creator, even if you don’t have the Deluxe Deck.

Fertility and Pregnancy Changes

  • Every year, an adult character attracted to the opposite gender has a 1-2% chance of getting pregnant/impregnating someone accidentally. You can then decide whether to support, date, or leave the baby daddy/mama.

  • If you’re looking to expand your family, you can now toggle “Try for baby” ON/OFF in the Health app (under Fertility) to increase your chances of conceiving. You may also access this toggle in the Family app by tapping “Have a Child -> Try for Baby”.

  • If you are male with a female partner, you can now provide input as to whether you want to keep the child. Your pregnant partner may agree, or could decide to overrule you and keep the baby.

  • Adoption is now available to everyone, whether single, dating, married, straight, gay...etc. You cannot get pregnant or try for a baby after age 45, but you will still be able to adopt a child at any age.

Family Menu Changes

  • Each family member has a profile page (rather than just you). Your character profile is now integrated with the Family app.

  • You can now have up to 17 grandchildren. The names of your grandchildren are also now listed in the Family app.

Proposal Changes

  • Your partner may now autonomously propose to you if your Love stat is high enough.

  • If you’d like to propose to your partner, you can now purchase an engagement ring. Engagement rings provide a bonus to your Love stat, depending on how expensive they are.

  • Your partner’s chance of accepting your proposal directly corresponds to your Love stat. (Love stat is at 50/100, there's a 50% chance your proposal will be accepted)

Pet Changes

  • You can now have two pets at once.

  • Many new scenarios for each species of pet.

  • Pets can be adopted at any time via the Family app.

Education Changes

  • You can now apply for college any time after graduating high school via the Education app.

  • If you want (or need) to work through college, now you can.

  • College majors have been revamped to tie more directly with Skills. The available majors are now: Culinary Arts, Video Production, Esports Management, Creative Writing, New Media, Business, Psychology, Communications, Political Science.

  • Culinary School has been folded into regular college. The Culinary Arts major is now available at State and Ivy League schools.

Skill + Club Changes

  • There are now 12 Skills: Charisma, Cooking, Fitness, Gaming, Gardening, Mechanics, Media, Money, Parenting, Social Media, Videography, and Writing.

  • 100+ new Skill-related cards. Skill-related scenarios are no longer about improving Skills (as this is now done by spending Skill Points), but rather about using your Skills to engage in your community, attain notoriety, win money, and find happiness.

  • Skills now have 4 ranks (rather than 3), represented by stars.

  • You’ll automatically earn 1 Skill Point every decade, starting at age 10. Skill Points can be used to unlock or increase the rank of any Skill. You can earn additional Skill Points other ways, like going to college.

  • View and upgrade your Skills in the brand-new Skills app.

  • School Clubs have been overhauled. There are twelve brand-new clubs, as well as new cards. Each club automatically increases the rank of one Skill (rather than providing Skill Points).

  • College degrees also grant Skill Points, which can be used to upgrade any Skill: Community College = 1 Bonus Point, State College = 2 Bonus Points, and Ivy League = 3 Bonus Points. Culinary School does not award any Skill Points, but it increases your Cooking Skill by 2 ranks. College majors also automatically increase a given Skill by one rank, depending on which major you pick.

  • All jobs (except one) and all careers now require a specific Skill rank to unlock.

  • Additional Skills (plus new clubs and careers) are in the works and will arrive in a free update later this year!

Career + Salary Changes

  • “Pay day” cards will now appear every decade, starting at age 25. These cards award Wealth depending on your current job rank. This will prevent CEOs from becoming homeless simply because they haven’t been promoted in a while, which was previously the only way to earn Wealth from work.

  • If you’re unemployed, you will have to pay bills every 10 years, starting at age 25. You can still choose to remain unemployed as long as you wish, but this adds a realistic consequence of living life without a steady income.

  • Promotion opportunities now appear every 4-10 years, rather than strictly every 7 years.

Moving + Town Changes

  • You can now view your current home and town in the Home app. Your current home type depends on where you live (city = apartments vs. suburbs/rural = houses) and your Wealth stat.

  • You can now move to a new town via the Home app. You will now receive a nice intro message when you move to a new town.

Tutorial Changes

  • The initial tutorial has been streamlined and updated.

  • Additional tutorial subjects (careers, skills…etc.) have been added and will appear later in your first life.

New Music

  • 3 new songs - 1 new main menu theme, 2 new gameplay songs.

  • Added the ability to cycle through all 6 gameplay songs in the Settings app.

User Interface Changes

  • Almost every menu in the game has been redesigned.

  • Info popups (new Traits, Conditions, Careers, promotions…etc.) have a new look.

  • New icons for most Traits.

Bug Fixes

  • Starting/changing/quitting jobs will no longer cause lagging or freezing.

  • After failing a promotion opportunity, you'll now get a second chance to get promoted every time.

  • Fixed tombstone being centered instead of in the top left when you only have one tombstone in the Graveyard.

  • Private jet owners will no longer get flight-related vacation cards.

  • Returning from the Hair Salon will no longer cause cards to freeze.

  • Various tweaks and improvements throughout the game.

Coming Soon…

  • A brand-new Deck

  • More cards with randomized outcomes

  • More Skills, Clubs and Careers

  • More Quirks

  • Even more parenting/family cards

  • Zodiac-related cards

  • In-game guide + glossary

  • 2.0 bug fixes

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