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Everlife 1.5 Patch Notes


- Skin tone slider

- Hair style selection

- Hair color slider

- Hair dye selection

- Eye selection

- Nose selection

- Mouth selection

- Accessory selection (beards, freckles, and jewelry)

- If you need glasses, visit sunglass store and pick your pair

- Full character creator is still only available for owner of the Deluxe Deck, but base game players can now choose their skin tone


- Gray hair and wrinkles now gradually appear over time

- Children will inherit the combined values of their parent’s skin and hair colors


- Each scenario (starting after infancy) will now age you .5 years instead of 1 year. As a result, each character’s life will be approximately twice as long.

- Most cards now increase or decrease stats by 10% instead of 15%

- Many more cards are coming soon to add depth to core gameplay and to reduce repetition


- 40 new cards

- Each of the skill-based careers will now increase a relevant skill upon reaching rank 4 (out of 5)

- 50 new pickup lines for updated dating cards

- Additional taglines for tombstones

- Teens can now get braces


- Money Manager will no longer appear until you’ve unlocked the correct Perk

- Tombstone rumbling SFX will no longer play if SFX are muted

- Fixed bug with school club titles appearing as “schoolclub”

- Naming child pop-up now animates properly

- Fixed some typos

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