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Everlife 1.5.5 + 1.5.6 Patch Notes



  • Parents are now visible in the “Family” tab! They will be given random names, which also appear on the newly updated starting card

  • Offspring now have more realistic skin tone combinations

  • Wrinkles are now more natural looking


  • Character appearance + gender will now be properly saved and shouldn’t change after restarting the game

  • Glasses will now properly appear on your avatar if you have astigmatism

  • Terminated pregnancies will no longer appear on the “Family” tab



  • Once you enter adulthood, you can tap your avatar any time to enter the Hair Salon, where you can customize your hair dye color, hairstyle, facial details, facial hair (if male), and glasses

  • The current game version is now visible from the Settings menu

  • Glasses are now an optional accessory


  • Now only one parent can die before you reach adulthood

  • If your mother dies before your father, he will no longer be marked as deceased

  • Pet deaths should now spawn at the appropriate time

  • Astigmatism condition no longer bugged

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Jun 20, 2023

My Characters appearance still changes after I leave the game and rejoin I was a girl and it made me look like a guy

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