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Everlife 1.3 Patch Notes


  • You can now access the Perk tree, which will allow you to spend your hard-earned EXP on 7 different upgrades.

  • Resurrection is now unlockable via a new Perk. It no longer costs 500 EXP to return to life, but you will not see the option to resurrect at all until unlocking the associated Perk.


  • Child and pet naming pages have a new look and offer the ability to generate randomized names. The pet naming page will now allow you to choose the gender of your pet.

  • Milestones have an updated look.

  • New Life Goals to give players more opportunities to earn EXP.

  • Several new death cards, so you won’t always see the same message when dying from zero Physical.

  • Graveyard now holds twice as many graves.


  • We have a LOT of content planned for Everlife. Rather than releasing a million individual pieces of DLC, we’ve decided to streamline things with a new system.

  • Sticking with our card theme, all content packs will be called “Booster Packs”. Decks, like the Deluxe Deck, will be set packages of Booster Decks. For example, purchasing the Deluxe Deck unlocks the Character Creation, Pets, Vehicles and Vacations Booster Packs.

  • As a result of these new naming conventions, the "Getaway Deck" (the recently-released vacation DLC) is now called the Vacations Booster Pack. It is now included with the Deluxe Deck.

  • If you already purchased the Vacation Booster Pack but don't have the Deluxe Deck, don’t worry - you will still have the vacation content and will not need to unlock the Deluxe Deck to access it.

  • Future Booster Packs will be bundled in new Decks.


  • Volume sliders will now properly save their position if you close or force-quit the game.

  • Removed skull warning animation for low Mental and Wealth stats, since those stats are no longer fatal.

  • Vibrations/haptic feedbacks have been removed from the game.

  • Fixed several buggy cards and typos.

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